The Masterbus 300 was originally developed by the global company ABB, a global supplier in Pulp & Paper, Metals &Minerals, Power distribution and Power generation. In the 1980’s ABB developed the Masterpiece DCS controller that was a fully functional DCS system with all functions and features of such. Over the years a lot of Masterpeice and its successor Advant control have been installed over the world and are still in operation today.

The operator interfaces and connections to other systems like Historians were not that developed and therefore Novotek started the development of the MB300 OPC server for Masterbus300. The original development was made in 2005 and since then roughly 100 MB300 OPC server licenses have been delivered to plants all over the world. The product has continuously been developed and improved with more functionality and support for newer platforms. According to the customers it is just as reliable as and even faster than the standard solution from ABB.